Friday, June 3, 2011


Here we come! In just over two weeks we bid our farewell to Turkey, return to North America for a quick five weeks to visit friends and family, and then we are off to Korea. We'll be in Boone, Washington DC, Colorado, and Greenville. It's a quick trip to be trying to get to so many places, but since we haven't been home in 2 years (minus a long weekend for the spectacular wedding of Erin's brother Alan and his betrothed, Vanessa). And, from here on out, we get annual flights home with our school in Korea, so we won't have to go two years again without seeing everyone. Here's the itinerary, we hope we get to climb, run, drink beer, and listen to bluegrass with as many friends and family as possible. Get in touch on my Colorado #, 303-800-6476 and leave a message!

Arrive in Boone June 22
Stay in Boone (except for anniversary weekend of the 25th at Leatherwood) until July 1
Leave for DC July 1, driving with Rhett Baker
DC from July 1 to July 6
Leave for Denver (from DC) July 6
Colorado from July 6 to July 14 (for Erin) and July 19 (for Tim)
Erin arrives in Boone (from Denver) July 14
Tim arrives in Greenville (from Denver) July 19
Greenville/Asheville/Boone from July 19 to August 1
Leave for Korea August 1

Here's some photos from our last moments back home:

Glen "tons of fun" drops us off at Denver Airport

Here's all the baggage we took to Turkey, I hope we can get it all back!

One last, small Grand Marnier in the hot-tub before leaving for Turkey...

And one last Colorado Family portrait.

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