Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few more posts before getting started on Korea

Constantly behind on my blogging, that's what I am.

I've got a few posts left over from this spring in Turkey that I have to update here at nargileistan before I can switch over to a Korea blog.

I've got to keep this short, but the slideshow speaks for itself. I made the most of a shoulder injury by getting out and doing a bunch of activities I might not normally do because climbing would ordinarily trump them.

These photos include skiing around our school campus during a huge dump of snow we received in February (obviously, a week before my ski injury). Then they move on to an Easter spent celebrating the company of good friends, Christian, Muslim, and Atheist decorating eggs, hunting for chocolate, and eating some very rare bacon in Turkey. After Easter we went birding, yes, birding. On the hunt for migrating flamingos, all we found was a pink trash bag. From a distance though, you'd swear it was a solitary rebel. Actually, we saw quite a few birds, nothing as dramatic as flamingos, but the day was followed up by one of the most gorgeous spring days in Cappadocia, the land of giant phallus.

Wrapping up the photos, and the spring, was a giant Toga party hosted in the school's black box theater.

Looking back at these photos makes me miss my friends in Turkey, but also makes me excited for the new ones we will meet here in Korea. That's life, I suppose.

Next post? Italy Spring Break!!!

For those who can't see the slideshow: here is the link


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