Thursday, March 31, 2011


A good blogger is a regular blogger, and I have been anything but that. I can't say why I haven't posted here much while in Turkey, but the sad reality is that I just have failed in my blogging duties. On the plus side, though, I've spent lots of time taking and editing photos; many of which I am very proud. So, here's my first attempt to catch up, albeit, mostly photographically with the past fall in Ankara, Turkey.

We had a spectacular fall here. It was a long one, lasting right up into December. We started things off with a trip to Florida for Erin's brother's wedding--detailed in my last post. Having injured my finger during the summer, a ruptured finger pulley, climbing was pretty much out for most of the fall. We did take a few trips down to the Med., and out to our favorite local crag, Karakaya. Mostly, fall was about friends. Oktoberfest at the German Embassy. Cappadocia field trips with my students. Learning to brew beer and wine at home. Attending the glamorous Marine Ball at the American Embassy. Discovering a new world of bouldering potential behind the house, and...waiting for the ski season.

It was, I suppose, a mostly uneventful fall. We work hard here at BLIS, the days are long, and the work continues at home and on the weekends. Time flew by. Winter had a few more adventures, and I'm going to leave it here with a slideshow of some of my favorite photos from the fall so that I can move on to the more recent winter adventures.

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